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Java Updating: On LInux Mint the openjdk package doesn't update to the latest stable version

Questions: On Linux Mint I have installed openjdk from the terminal using $ sudo apt install openjdk-9-jdk. However, when I enter java -version it returns openjdk version “9-internal” OpenJDK Runtime Environment (build 9-internal+0-2016-04-14-195246.buildd.src) OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM (build 9-internal+0-2016-04-14-195246.buildd.src, mixed mode) which seems to be an out-of-date version. When I run $ sudo apt install… Read More »

Android Studio Getting Crash on Linux

Questions: i’m using linux mint. now i’m facing this problem i can’t even find solution. hope someone help me here. System configuration. *Operating System : Linux Mint 19 Cinnamon Cinnamon Version : 3.8.7 Linux Kernal : 4.15 Processor : AMD FX(tm)-8150 RAM : 8GB* here is crash details. # # A fatal error has been… Read More »

PHP 7 PDO dont work with MsAccess into Linux Ubunto

Questions: I need to connect PHP PDO in “data base” msAccess in OS Windows is very easy but dont work in Linux Ubunto. I think that has any configuration or install any libary $driver = “MDBTools”; $dbName = $database_path; $this->database = new PDO(“odbc:Driver=$driver;DBQ=$dbName”, “”, “”); when I gonna test this is a response: Array (… Read More »

java: symbol lookup error: /lib64/libnssutil3.so: undefined symbol: PR_GetEnvSecure in Oracle Linux 7.5

Questions: Good day. What need to do if the script execution leads to a problem java: symbol lookup error /lib64/libnssutil3.so? I try install Oracle IDM 11gR2 ( on Oracle Linux 7.5. Already installed Oracle Databace 12c, OIM RCU, WebLogic, SOA and OAIM. Now i try Launch WebLogic but script (/idm/oracle/fmw_oim/domains/IDM_domain/bin/startWebLogic.sh) always failed with error: java:… Read More »

Forbidden.RiskControl Error while Launching Linux Instance on AliBaba Cloud

Questions: I’m trying to launch linux instance with user data script using the java SDK But i’m getting this error: Forbidden.RiskControl, This operation is forbidden by Aliyun RiskControl system Any idea? This is my code: CommonRequest commonRequest = new CommonRequest(); commonRequest.setDomain(“ecs.aliyuncs.com”); commonRequest.setMethod(MethodType.POST); commonRequest.setVersion(“2014-05-26”); commonRequest.setAction(“RunInstances”); commonRequest.setRegionId(“us-west-1”); commonRequest.putBodyParameter(“ImageId”, “centos_6_09_64_20G_alibase_20180326.vhd”); commonRequest.putBodyParameter(“InstanceType”, “ecs.sn1.medium”); commonRequest.putBodyParameter(“SecurityGroupId”, “sg-1234”); commonRequest.putBodyParameter(“VSwitchId”, “vsw-1234”); commonRequest.putBodyParameter(“KeyPairName”, “key-pair”);… Read More »

Unable to execute include files in PHP Application in Amazon Linux

Questions: I’m currently having problem solving why I can’t execute inlclude files in my project folder. See /var/logs/httpd/error_log below: Project folder resides at /var/www/payroll [Fri Jul 27 05:12:11.793208 2018] [:error] [pid 7904] [client xxx] PHP Warning: include_once(./Controllers/Databasecon.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /var/www/payroll/Controllers/Logout.php on line 2 [Fri Jul 27 05:12:11.793238… Read More »

e(fx)clipse is not working on linux

Questions: I’m trying to install the plugin e(fx)clipse on linux to work with graphic interface on my project, but after downloading and completing the installation, my application could not import classes coming from javafx. I managed to fix by installing OpenJDK, the jfxrt.jar file was missing. After installation, the file in question was downloaded at… Read More »