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Magento + APCu caching issue. Site is slow and there is more cache misses than hits

Questions: I have a Magento installation running on LEMP Stack; Nginx + PHP-FPM (PHP v5.5.6 w/ APCu v4.0.2) + Percona. I’ve configured my magento to use APCu caching like this: app/etc/local.xml <config> <global> … <cache> <backend>apc</backend> <prefix>BDWEB_</prefix> </cache> </global> … </config> and the APC is configured like this: /etc/php.d/apcu.ini extension=apcu.so apc.enabled = 1 apc.shm_segments… Read More »

magento nginx redirection for migration

Questions: I have 2 website. Let’s say website A and B. Both are using Magento. Almost all of products in B also built-in in A. Website B is going to be closed hence all of its matching products will be redirected to website A. For other page (non-matching products & other url) will be redirected… Read More »

Magento Ajax Based Attributes Filters

Questions: I need to place dropdowns which will be connected to each other e.g Truck Brand, Truck Model, Model Years. So There will be one drop down for Brand. which contains all the attribute options of Truck Brands. Once Selected Brand, another dropdown will appear which contains the attribute options of Truck Model but filtered… Read More »

magento cron job and cron_scheduler table

Questions: I made magento module which export product in csv file. Now i want to run cronjob every day at 23.55. I set config.xml as it is written in magento cronjob wiki. My code: <crontab> <jobs> <gcompany_runprofilescronjob> <schedule> <cron_expr>55 23 * * *</cron_expr> </schedule> <run> <model>export/export_csv::runprofilescronjob</model> </run> </gcompany_runprofilescronjob> </jobs> </crontab> I also set cronjob on… Read More »