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How to add jersey archetypes in eclipse in maven?

Questions: I am trying to create a maven project but I cant find org.glassfish.jersey.archetypes there. I tried to “Add the new archetype” as mentioned here. But it was showing this error- Can’t resolve Archetype org.glassfish.jersey.archetypes:jersey-quickstart-webapp:2.16 org.eclipse.core.runtime.CoreException: Could not resolve artifact. I tried adding the archetypes as Remote Catalog as mentioned in the same link but… Read More »

myEclipse preference does not have maven options

Questions: I’m new to myeclipse here. And when I tried to import a project builted with myEclipse 2017 CI10 as long as its maven support, I found my same version ME do not have any maven options in preference. However, my colleagues used windows for this software while I’m using MacOS.But I dont think it… Read More »

how can i bind my schema file using jaxb2-maven-plugin customized binding in the following way

Questions: Below is a binding file which is successfully binding the element named NameList in the following schema file to the type List, but i want it to bind it to type List how can i do so? Binding File– <jxb:bindings node=”//xs:schema/xs:complexType[@name=’BaseType’]/xs:all/xs:element[@name=’NameList’]” > <jxb:property> <jxb:baseType name=”java.util.List”/> </jxb:property> Part of schema file–> <xs:complexType name=”BaseType”> <xs:all> <xs:element… Read More »

Android Google Maven repository not found

Questions: I’m trying to install the google-play-services via android studios sdk-manager. Which says it successfully downloaded them: But if Im looking in my android folder there is nothing installed Also my cordova android is failing because no google-play-service can be found. But even the online look-ups are returning 404 when called. I have no idea… Read More »