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Detecting hanging processes in Perl/MySQL (FreeBSD)

Questions: I have a Perl script running on a FreeBSD/Apache system, which makes some simple queries to a MySQL database via DBI. The server is fairly active (150k pages a day) and every once in a while (as much as once a minute) something is causing a process to hang. I’ve suspected a file lock… Read More »

Running PHP server and MySQL on iOS device

Questions: Is there any possibility of running a PHP server (lighttpd, apache, cherokee, etc) and a MySQL server (or sqlite) on a non-jailbroken iOS device? I know about http://www.becomekodiak.com/ and they seem to be running a server (or just an interpreter?), but there is no database connection. Answers: You could use cocoahttpserver, iPhoneHTTPServer3, SimpleWebSocketServer, MultithreadedHTTPServer3… Read More »

Linux Mint with Rails + Apache/Passenger and MySql

Questions: I read book “Agile Web Development with Rails” and stopped at the chapter 16.1 about Apache/Passenger. I need to install gem passenger and apache2-module. Gem been instaled succesfully but i cant tell the same about apache module. Terminal: ~ $ passenger-install-apache2-module Checking for required software… * Checking for GNU C compiler… Found: yes Location:… Read More »

MySQL versus SQL Server Express

Questions: Did the recent purchase of MySQL by Sun and the subsequent buggy releases kill the MySQL brand? I whole heartedly embraced MySQL when it first came out as I used to be a poor developer and all the RDBMs were too expensive. I have fond feelings for MySQL and their being able to compete… Read More »

Export simple excel data into MySQL using PHP

Questions: My client got a excel file with the following structure name | email —————————- Name | email here Name | email here Name | email here Name | email here Name | email here Name | email here I would likes to make a MySQL database table according to this pattern and save the… Read More »