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Normalizr: How to extract values and give it the object directly? How to reduce the object to the values of it's keys?

Questions: I know my question is formulated weirdly, but I don’t know how to express it correctly. I want to normalize my data using normalizr for Redux. Let me state my question using code. I have an api response looking like this: [ { “name”: <some-name>, “id”: <some-id>, “address”: { “country”: { “country”: “<some-country-code>” },… Read More »

Generic solution to create an Object of unknown deepth from an Array

Questions: I need to create a JSON object as follows: { “app_name”: “foo”, “meta”: { “title”: “foo”, “lang”: “bar” }, “teaser”: { “foo”: { “headline”: “foo”, “subline”: “bar” } } } The object tree is provided in the following representation: var translations = [ { “key”: “app_name”, “val”: “foo” }, { “key”: “meta.title”, “val”: “foo”… Read More »

Destructuring object having hyphen in property name

Questions: Is there a way to destructure an object having a hyphen in the property names. I get a SyntexError while doing so (which is reasonable because JS doesn’t allow variable name with a hyphen). let human= { “first-name”:”John”, “last-name”:”Doe”, age:150 } let {age}= human; // let {“first-name”}= human;//error // let {first-name}= human;//error console.log(age) Answers:

Check Javascript object undefined

Questions: update I am trying to test to see whether a Javascript variable is undefined. How to make an object that is missing a variable or undefined before thank you if it is willing to help this my code var mydata = { p001: “Product 1”, p002: “Product 2”, p003: “Product 3” } function test(e)… Read More »