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Oracle Database ALTER TABLE + Website [on hold]

Questions: I am trying to create a website that uses a database to display information. In my case, it is an Oracle database. I was wondering how I would be able to create a site that would allow the user to add columns to my table and the appropriate values to those columns? I was… Read More »

java: symbol lookup error: /lib64/libnssutil3.so: undefined symbol: PR_GetEnvSecure in Oracle Linux 7.5

Questions: Good day. What need to do if the script execution leads to a problem java: symbol lookup error /lib64/libnssutil3.so? I try install Oracle IDM 11gR2 ( on Oracle Linux 7.5. Already installed Oracle Databace 12c, OIM RCU, WebLogic, SOA and OAIM. Now i try Launch WebLogic but script (/idm/oracle/fmw_oim/domains/IDM_domain/bin/startWebLogic.sh) always failed with error: java:… Read More »

ORA-00900: invalid SQL statement while exporting an Oracle database from Java

Questions: Executing below command from the command line is successful, but executing the same command from a Java class throws an “invalid SQL statement”-error. EXPDP DCR/DCR2017 DIRECTORY=D33 DUMPFILE=DCR.DMP SCHEMAS=DCR Java Code: String sql =”EXPDP DCR/DCR2017 DIRECTORY=D33 DUMPFILE=DCR.DMP SCHEMAS=DCR”; Class.forName(“oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver”); Connection connection = DriverManager.getConnection(“jdbc:oracle:thin:@//localhost:1521/orcl”,”DCR”,”DCR2017″); PreparedStatement prepareStatement = connection.prepareStatement(sql); boolean execute = prepareStatement.execute(); System.out.println(execute); Answers:

Oracle BI Report Service return 0 size byte array

Questions: when I call runReport in Oracle Bi Service in oracle Bi report v12c the return byteArray is null !!! pls help me ! my code : public static void main(String[] args) { ReportService_Service reportService_Service = new ReportService_Service(); ReportService reportService = reportService_Service.getReportService(); ReportRequest reportRequest = new ReportRequest(); reportRequest.setAttributeFormat(“pdf”); reportRequest.setAttributeLocale(“en-US”); reportRequest.setAttributeTemplate(“Simple”); reportRequest.setReportAbsolutePath(“/Ehsan/HrEmployeeReport.xdo”); ParamNameValues allParam = new… Read More »

invalid Oracle URL specified: OracleDataSource.makeURL (WAS 8.5)

Questions: I am facing this strange issue in my WAS 8.5, this particular datasource when test connection works fine from admin console but in systemout log it throws this error. The url in my datasource is “jdbc:oracle:thin:@testDb:1521:xyz1”, I have tried this format as well but no luck jdbc:oracle:thin:@//testDb:1521/xyz1. Any help on this will be appreciated.… Read More »

Managing Oracle BFILES

Questions: I’m currently working on a solution to write/read BFile from a java application to Oracle Database. I’ve searched information about BFile manipulation and it seems that the only way is the call of remote pl sql procedures. I’m working with Spring Framework, and it seems that there is no way to manage Oracle BFile… Read More »

java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver While executing Jar file

Questions: I have a Jar file which is making connection to Oracle DB using ojdbc14.jar from eclipse. But when i try to run/schedule it from linux in shell script i am getting below error: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver I have tried setting CLASSPATH environment variable with ojdbc14.jar complete path like below: export CLASSPATH=path/ojdbc14.jar and i am executing… Read More »