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How to disable following hyperlinks

Questions: Is it possible (perhaps with a VBA macro) to disable Excel from automatically following hyperlinks in the spreadsheet? Excel’s default, which seems not changeable and is very highly annoying, is “click to follow, hold to edit”. I would be perfectly happy with a macro that would intercept any “follow the link” signals and either… Read More »

Print a range of hyperlinks

Questions: How can I get this to print the hyperlinks files found in columns “D:E” by selecting the rows in column “A” Sub Print_Hyperlinks() Dim rng As Range Dim row As Range Dim cell As Range Dim LastRow As Long LastRow = Range(“A2”).End(xlDown) ‘Print only selected rows in “A” Set rng = Range(“D2:E” & LastRow)… Read More »

Excel VBA – Set Hyperlink Display Text

Questions: Intro: I export marketing reports for click-through rates which give me URLs of products from my company’s website. I want a column which displays the product title as the display text, while maintaining the text as a hyperlink. This is to create the datasource for a mailmerge utilizing the column with the product title/hyperlink.… Read More »

Hyperlink not working through openpyxl

Questions: I was using the following code snippet for hyper linking in xlsx spread sheet. Reads the file name from xlsx from H2, H3, H4… Search for the file in the current folder (where script is running) Create hyper link with searched path with existing content. Problem is .hyperlink from openpyxl and not even writing… Read More »