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Python SimpleHTTPServer with PHP

Questions: I used python -m SimpleHTTPServer, but the PHP files don’t execute instead they just been downloaded. I heard about WPHP in an old post. But I don’t know how to use it. How I can work with it ? Answers:

Is there a point to minifying PHP?

Questions: I know you can minify PHP, but I’m wondering if there is any point. PHP is an interpreted language so will run a little slower than a compiled language. My question is: would clients see a visible speed improvement in page loads and such if I were to minify my PHP? Also, is there… Read More »

Speeding up CakePHP

Questions: I’ve been a keen fan and user of CakePHP for about 2.5 years now, but the main bugbear that most fellow developers level at the framework is that it’s slow, and the dispatch cycle takes too long to make it a viable solution for production environments. I’m hoping that this question will inspire people… Read More »

Is this correct object oriented programming in php? [closed]

Questions: Could this be classified as correct OOP programming? class Greeting { public $greet = array(‘Hi’,’Hello’, ‘Howzit’, ‘Ola’, ‘Whats up’); function __construct($name) { $this->name = $name; shuffle($this->greet); } } $hi = new Greeting(‘INSERTNAMEHERE’); /*NAME OF PERSON GOES HERE*/ echo $hi->greet[1] .’ ‘. $hi->name; Answers:

How to execute PHP code from the command line?

Questions: I would like to execute a single php statement like if(function_exists(“my_func”)) echo ‘function exists’; directly with the command line without having to use a seperate php file. How is it possible ? Answers:

build a plugin system with php

Questions: I’m working on a custom CMS for my own use and was thinking about implementing a plugin system so I could extend the code a little easier. I’m having trouble conceptualizing the architecture and layout though. I know I could go through a few open source programs that implement similar features but this is… Read More »

CakePHP ACL Database Setup: ARO / ACO structure?

Questions: I’m struggling to implement ACL in CakePHP. After reading the documentation in the cake manual as well as several other tutorials, blog posts etc, I found Aran Johnson’s excellent tutorial which has helped fill in many of the gaps. His examples seem to conflict with others I’ve seen though in a few places –… Read More »