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oauth2 implementation php codeigniter

Questions: I am working on web application using oauth2 for user authentication. I have set header as Authorization bearer But i am getting error {“error”:”invalid_request”, “error_description”:”Only one method may be used to authenticate at a time (Auth header, GET or POST)”} I have tried code as below Javscript function $.ajaxSetup({ beforeSend: function(xhr) { xhr.setRequestHeader(‘Authorization’, ‘Bearer’… Read More »

Access javascript sessionStorage in php

Questions: In my Laravel project’s app.js, I have this: let isModalShown = sessionStorage.getItem(‘book_modal_has_shown’); if(!isModalShown) { sessionStorage.setItem(“book_modal_has_shown”, “true”); $(‘#show_nudge_modal’).modal(‘show’); This acts like a client-side check to stop the modal from coming out if the modal has already appeared (in the previous requests). In my Controller, I have this: $unreadBook = Book::getRandomUnreadBook(); return view(‘home’)->with([‘book’ => $unreadBook]); The… Read More »

php curl gives 404 but on XMLHttpRequest works

Questions: i have a data acquisition module that gives me some xml data on a http request. the request needs to have user an password. If i try to get the data via javascript on a browser it works. here is the working code: var url = “”; var x = httpGet(url); function httpGet(theUrl, callback){… Read More »

PHP – uploading images and $_files variable

Questions: I’m creating a blog with a WYSIWYG editor for blog posts as well as an image upload for each blog post. So my inputs look something like this, I’m including a file here called wysiwyg.php but this isn’t really necessary for this question. (It basically has buttons for bold italics etc, and it’s just… Read More »

Javascript function for a php loop

Questions: I have this situation: <script type=”text/javascript”> function myFunction() { var x = document.getElementById(“commentDIV”); if (x.style.display === “none”) { x.style.display = “block”; } else { x.style.display = “none”; } } </script> and the php code <?php echo “<table><tr onclick=’myFunction()’><td>Row A1</td></tr>”; //A1 row from my table echo “<tr><td><div id=’commentDIV’ style=’display:none’> Row B1</div></td></tr></table>”; // the B1 row… Read More »

Replace javascript href content with php link

Questions: I need to replace one link from javascript with php link. javascript line: ‘<a href=”‘ + res.attachment.guid + ‘” target=”_blank”> php : echo ‘<a href=”‘ . wp_get_attachment_url($value->ID) . ‘” target=”_blank”> javascript context: if (res.success) { $(‘.no_file_upload’).remove(); var template = ‘<li class=”attachment-‘ + res.attachment.ID + ‘”>’ + ‘<p>’ + res.attachment.post_title + ‘<span>’ + ‘<a href=”‘… Read More »

Set a default value on dropdown list <select> from the value in a table in PHP

Questions: I am trying to set default value in a list box from the values in the table. The values are getting populated in the listbox from the database and the values in the table are hard coded. Can anybody help me with this? <table> <td align=”center”> <a href=”#” onclick=”setExperienceValue(“experience”, “1”)”>1</a><br> <a href=”#” onclick=”setExperienceValue()”>2</a><br> <a… Read More »

Error in while Php Mysql Android [duplicate]

Questions: This question already has an answer here: PHP: “Notice: Undefined variable”, “Notice: Undefined index”, and “Notice: Undefined offset” 26 answers mysql_fetch_array()/mysql_fetch_assoc()/mysql_fetch_row()/mysql_num_rows etc… expects parameter 1 to be resource 31 answers Answers: