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Postgres update from left join

Questions: I’m new in PostgreSQL and trying to convert a query from SQL Server. I have a table Users with, among others, the columns bUsrActive, bUsrAdmin and sUsrClientCode. I want to update Users and set bUsrActive = false if there does not exist a another user with the same sUsrClientCode where bUsrAdmin = true and… Read More »

Blank POST with nginx upload module and chunked upload

Questions: I am using the nginx upload module to accept large uploads for a PHP application. I have configured nginx following this blog post (modified for my needs). Here is (the applicable portion of) my nginx configuration: server { # [ … ] location /upload { set $upload_field_name “file”; upload_pass /index.php; upload_store /home/example/websites/example.com/storage/uploads 1; upload_resumable… Read More »

Is there a way to manually post to a rest webservice using a browser

Questions: Is there a way to manually post an xml to a webservice using a browser something like: POST http://url/Endpoint <xml file text> Answers: With browser add-ons – yes. For example “Tamper Data” for Firefox: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/966/ See also “Poster” add-on: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/2691/ Questions: Answers: REST Client plugin Questions: Answers: You could use cURL on the command… Read More »

Ajax post MIME file return 403 access is denid

Questions: I post some mime file to server with ajax , following snippet is part of my code var upimages = Array(); for (i = 0; i < No; i++) { if(temp[0].elements[i].title !=’Mask’ && temp[0].elements[i].title != “Base”) upimages.push(temp[0].elements[i].source); //console.log(temp[0].elements[i].title); //upimages[i – 2] = temp[0].elements[i].source; } $.ajax({ type: “POST”, data: {main: yourDesigner.getProductDataURL(), upimages: upimages, size: size},… Read More »

Get Ajax POST data on php via Javascript call

Questions: First I am conface that I am Newbie to php, I am using jquery(knockout js) at client side & PHP at server side. my code. Client side: I am using knockout js(Javascript). to call my PHP service. My Code: self.VMSaveEditUserMode = function () { try { var params = { “ClientData”: [controllerVM_.ClientID(), controllerVM_.VMList[0].ClientName(), controllerVM_.VMList[0].ShortName(),… Read More »

Sending an amp (&) using a post with Obj-C

Questions: I am sending a post containing text, numbers and data. The numbers and data work fine, but I’m having problems with the text, since it may contain an ampersand (&). For example page.php?text=Hello World & Space. Now I found that the “&” is received by server, but read as if a new variable starts.… Read More »

JQuery AJAX Header Authorization POST

Questions: I have to send XML to the server with Authorization header and it MUST be POST. Now I have two options. When I use dataType = ‘jsonp’ it always becomes GET instead of POST. Also my data is must be XML. var request = {}; request.type = ‘POST’; request.contentType = ‘application/jsonp; charset=utf-8’; request.dataType =… Read More »

How can I upload a file + form data with blueimp's JQuery File Upload using Ajax, not just POST?

Questions: I have a form: <div class=”row-fluid”> <div class=”span5 row-fluid” id=”description” style=”margin-left:0px;”> <div> <label>Title</label> <input class=”span12″ type=”text” placeholder=”Title” id=”description_title” name=”description_title”/> <label>Author</label> <input class=”span12″ type=”text” placeholder=”Author” id=”description_author” name=”description_author”/> <label>Tags</label> <input class=”span12″ type=”text” placeholder=”Tags” id=”description_tags” name=”description_tags”/> <label>Description</label> <textarea class=”span12″ id=”description_textarea” name=”description_textarea” rows=”5″ style=”resize:none”></textarea> <div id=”buttons” class=”row-fluid” style=”margin-top: 5px”> <div class=”span12″> <span class=”span5 btn btn-primary btn-file” id=”chose_files_btn” onclick=”filechose_button.click()”>chose… Read More »