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Send commands to Running Python Script

Questions: I am working on a small java app that needs to start a python script and interact with it. The python script is to run in the background and wait for commands. After each command I expect a response which will be forwarded back to the java app. I have used the examples here… Read More »

Should a python file always include a class?

Questions: I have been coding in python for a couple months now, and something has always been on my mind. I know you can have classes in your .py file, but you don’t have to. My question is, is it good practice to always have your code in a class, or is it not necessary?… Read More »

Pythonnet in Visual Studio 2017

Questions: I am trying to run Visbrain using Pythonnet in Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 Community in a window form, but i faced some problem below. Environment 1) Pythonnet version : v2.3.0 i downloaded this from “Manage Nuget-Package” in Visual Studio 2017 Community. 2) Python version : Python 3.6.5 (Amaconda 3) Already pip install pythonnet in… Read More »