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react-native exoplayer scaling and rtmp

Questions: I’m currently making a RTMP library for react native, using exoplayer on the android side. I am having trouble scaling the video when the view appears. Basically I am preparing a SimpleExoplayer without the view present (in order to start the buffering) And then attaching it to a View when the react native view… Read More »

React-Native Native Android Module – Toast Example

Questions: I’m trying to learn to work with android native module and using the toast example in the react-native docs. (https://facebook.github.io/react-native/docs/native-modules-android). However, I am facing an issue where the native module that I was trying to export was unable to be resolved/undefine. My directory structure is as followed: example -android -app -src -main – java… Read More »

React-native TextInput crash

Questions: Ok… So here is the probelem. I am new to react-native, so I’m probably missing something simple, but whenever I run the slightly modified Hello World app, it crashes with an error reading Attempt to invoke virtual method ‘android.graphics.drawable.Drawable android.graphics.drawable.Drawable$ConstantState.newDrawable(android.content.res.Resources)’ on a null object reference Here is the source causing this crash for me… Read More »