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DNS Redirect domain to subdomain [closed]

Questions: I am looking for a way to redirect a domain to its subdomain via DNS a / cname records. Is it possible to have these examples done totally in DNS, I know it can be easily done with .htaccess and PHP. website.com => blog.website.com website.com/hello => blog.website.com/hello www.website.com => blog.website.com www.website.com/hello => blog.website.com/hello Any… Read More »

Redirect *.htm to *.php

Questions: I am trying find out how to redirect all traffic on a website from any .htm address to a .php version of the page. I am hoping it will be a .htaccess rule but I have not been able to find anything that quite fits for me yet and I am not the greatest… Read More »

AngularJS – Page redirecting to some other page in angular js while trying to get parameter from url

Questions: Here’s my controller code .when(‘/showprofile/:UserID’, { templateUrl: ‘resources/views/layout/showprofile.php’, controller: ‘ShowOrderController’, }) I am passing the parameter by url. I am trying to access this page by the url directly like this But it is redirecting me to How can i get the url value in my view ? Here is my app.js… Read More »

Content-Disposition with 302 redirect

Questions: This was working last night, but I must have accidentally changed something, because it isn’t now. What I am trying to do should be clear from these headers: Content-Disposition: attachment;filename=english_customizable.xml Location: http://tortoisewrath.com/files/2.xml However, when this header is sent, the Content-Disposition part doesn’t work after the redirect. …Why? Answers:

PHP passing a variable with header redirect

Questions: I am trying to pass a variable within a header link. I have tried below code $name = “mike”; if($name != “lopan”){ header(“Location:error-page.php?$errorMssg=Please enter information?”); } This page redirect to location but doesn’t pass the variable that contains the message. But when i create a simple link with values like this: <a href=”error-page.php?$errorMssg=so what… Read More »

Can't redirect with lot of variable- Header may not contain more than a single header, new line detected. in

Questions: This is my code: $post_url=”Location: http://webservices.plattformpartners.com/ilm/default.ashx?firstname=”.$firstname.”&lastname=”.$lastname.”&address=”.$address1.”&address2=”.$address2.”&zip=”.$zip.”&city=”.$city.”&state=”.$state.”&country=”.$country; header($post_url); http://gedforadults.com/ on this page i am using this. and i am getting this error when redirecting after form submit.. Warning: Header may not contain more than a single header, new line detected. in /home/gedforad/public_html/index.php on line 60 So is there any way to redirect it with lot… Read More »

POST/Redirect throws a `Connection was reset` browser error

Questions: I’m building a one-page checkout for a customer of ours. This checkout is supposed to contain all forms for credentials, shipment and payment. Editing previously entered values should also be possible. This is all going fine except for one thing. My page is built of multiple includes: credentials shipment payment In each of these… Read More »

PHP- Ajax and Redirect

Questions: i have a jquery Ajax request happening on a page. On php side i am checking if the session is active and doing something. If the session is not active i want to redirect the user to another page in php(header redirect). how do i do it. I know how to achieve it in… Read More »

PHP header() doesnt redirects after ajax is called

Questions: I am using ajax to insert data. after registration if successful it will redirect to its registry page or registry.php. But it seems that it is not redirecting to its respective page and the weird thing is when i check it on the console on firefox it seems that it gives a right result,… Read More »