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How to make google search dynamic pages of my site

Questions: I am planning an informational site on php with mysql. I have read about google sitemap and webmaster tools. What i did not understand is will google be able to index dynamic pages of my site using any of these tools. For example if i have URLs like www.domain.com/articles.php?articleid=103 Obviously this page will be… Read More »

How do i make Xpath search case insensitive

Questions: I’m currently making a xpath search, I’ve got the the search working but I need to make it case insensitive. The xml file I’m using is 1.0 which from my research means I’ve got to use some thing called a translate function but I’m unsure of how to do this. Here is my search… Read More »

php pdo search column array

Questions: table name – animationmaster column – animationdate ,type= varchar column – animationno ,type= varchar data in each column are like below.. animationno = 300,301 animationdate = 300 – 23-03-2015,301- 23-04-2015 When user search 300 then it display output 300 – 23-03-2015 from animationdate When user search 301 then it display output 301- 23-04-2015 from… Read More »

Add ACF fields to search results page WordPress

Questions: I have a file named search.php, where all the search results are added. The search form is located on the homepage. The problem is, I have no special page for the search results, but I want to add ACF fields to this page. I have searched in the dropdown menu ‘location’ in the ACF… Read More »

Displaying message when no results found in PHP MySQL search

Questions: I have a PHP search script which queries a MySQL database. Currently, when no results are displayed the script shows and error. How can I make it display a message like “No Results were found” when nothing is returned? My PHP script is: <?php mysql_connect(“localhost”,”username”,”password”); mysql_select_db(“database”); if(!empty($_GET[‘q’])){ $query=mysql_real_escape_string(trim($_GET[‘q’])); $searchSQL=”SELECT * FROM links WHERE `title`… Read More »

Searching for advanced php/mysql pagination script [closed]

Questions: I’m searching for a “advanced” php Pagination script, that shows me 10 mysql entries per page. In the web there are many “simple” scripts (even with jQuery) like this: http://www.9lessons.info/2009/09/pagination-with-jquery-mysql-and-php.html Here is a demo: http://demos.9lessons.info/pagination.php These simple scripts are bad when having hundreds of entries… So what I need is an advanced script –… Read More »