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VBA macro that search for file in multiple subfolders

Questions: I have macro, if I put in cell E1 name of the file, macro search trough C:\Users\Marek\Desktop\Makro\ directory, find it and put the needed values in specific cells of my original file with macro. Is it possible to make this work without specific folder location? I need something that can search trough C:\Users\Marek\Desktop\Makro\ with… Read More »

How to create a search in real time with angularjs

Questions: I want to create a simple real-time search with angularjs client side, and java server side, i want to use the similar effect than onKeyUp in dom and ajax but in angular js, <div ng-app=”MyModule” ng-controller=”MainCtrl”> <input class=”form-control field span12″ id=”objctf” rows=”4″ ng-model=”keywords” /> <a href=”/adminpanel?q=” class=”btn btn-primary”>Manage</a> <div> <p ng-show=”loading”>Loading…</p> <p ng-hide=”loading”>Response: {{response}}</p>… Read More »

Select2 – Ajax search – remember last results

Questions: I am using Select2 3.5.1. With this plugin I can successfully load remote data. However I am here today to ask a question to improve this search. Here is the step-by-step to understand what I would like to do: Setup a Select2 with remote data loading (using ajax). Click on the Select2 input and… Read More »

Searching for a specific JToken by name in a JObject hierarchy

Questions: I have some Json response from server, for example: {“routes” : [ { “bounds” : { “northeast” : { “lat” : 50.4639653, “lng” : 30.6325177 }, “southwest” : { “lat” : 50.4599625, “lng” : 30.6272425 } }, “copyrights” : “Map data ©2013 Google”, “legs” : [ { “distance” : { “text” : “1.7 km”,… Read More »

Encrypted Fields & Full Text Search, Best Approach?

Questions: I’ve got some fields that store notes and sensitive information that I’d like to encrypt before it makes its way into the database. Right now, I use a SQL Full-Text Search to search these fields. Obviously encrypting this data is going to throw off my search results. What’s the best way to encrypt these… Read More »