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How to change colors geoJSON marker on leaflet based on ID?

Questions: i’m simply want to change my marker from geoJSON on my leaflet based on ID properties in geoJSON marker, i’ve try follow tutorial on leaflet and also i’ve google it and still i can’t find conclusion how to fix my code Here my full code <!DOCTYPE HTML> <html> <head> <title></title> <meta charset=”utf-8″ /> <meta… Read More »

Remove collapsed effect in NestedScrollView

Questions: In my ExploreFragment.java I have a NestedScrollView. I want to remove this ‘collapsed’ effect that it has: I’ve tried to add this line to the XML android:overScrollMode=”never” but it doesn’t work… Answers:

window.open() used in javascript not working in firefox and edge

Questions: I am using ajax post call like this, $(“#submit”).on(‘click’,function(){ $(“#submit”).prop(“disabled”,true); $(“#submit”).prop(“value”,”Loading…”); $.ajax({ type: ‘POST’, url: ‘myURL’, data: JSON.stringify({ “mailid” : mailid, “a1” : a1, “a2” : a2, “a3” : a3, “a4” : a4, “a5” : a5, “a6” : a6, “a7” : a7, “a8” : a8, “a9” : a9, “a10” :a10, “dob” : age, “filledBy”… Read More »

Resharper Method is never used

Questions: I have a public facing interface in one project that will end up becoming a nuget package. Here is the code: public interface MyInterface { void MyMethod(); } Now every method in this interface is not used in this library but is used in other via the package. However, every single method here has… Read More »

RFID/ NFC based Buss pass system

Questions: I’m trying to work on Buss Pass System for my FYP. I am familiar with C# and Java programming languages and I wanted to use a concept where the travelers enter the bus and scan their RFID/NFC tag and if they are approved to board, the system should display Green Light if not it… Read More »