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Call out to web service from Excel 2010

Questions: Starting an innovation week at work here. Good ol’ Excel project! So here’s what we want. We want to be able to create user defined functions in Excel, just like Excel has the SUM, etc. we want to make our own. These UDF’s would take Excel data in, and they would then pass that… Read More »

Seeking suggestion – Excel Addin – C# Services

Questions: We can currently WCF DataService which has specific interface. This service basically provides required data based on DataRequest object that is passed to service through. This service is already used by other .net front ends… Now I want to expose this service in Excel; so that user can directly gets data through this service.… Read More »

calling Webservice from Excel 2007?

Questions: Problem: I would like to extract some data from a webservice and put it into Excel. For example: A webservice method “GetPerformance” with Parameters X,Y,Z will return a table containing funds and their performance. I would like to extract specific rows and dump the data into a sheet. How can I achieve such a… Read More »

Access MS Analysis Services Cube via Excel on Mac?

Questions: In MS Excel 2007 on PC you can connect to a MS Analysis Services Cube via Excel. I can’t see how to do the same on Mac using Excel 2008 there. Does anyone know how to access the OLAP cube data on Mac? Answers: OLAP isn’t supported on Mac Excel, unfortunately. Questions: Answers: I… Read More »

Reporting Services Excel rendering extensions?

Questions: Our company has a reporting solution utilizing Analysis services + Reporting Services, with excel reports being a priority. Everything’s sort of fine, but several annoying things are bothering us: No ability to rename the sheets Embedded images stretch the containing cells vertically, thus making scrolling a pain Cross-sheet links are not supported (turns out… Read More »

How can I improve the performance of Excel UDF that call web services?

Questions: We are developing a kind of stock lookup UDF in c# for Excel. Our UDF ends up calling a web service, which can be very slow if a sheet has, say 1000 calls to our web service. I noticed that Excel 2010 has introduced Asynchronous UDFs to help with this http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ff955606.aspx#odc_office14_ta_WhatsNewforOffice2010Developers_Excel2010 Has anyone tried… Read More »

Excel 2007 – talking to a web service

Questions: I’ve been using Excel 2003’s ‘Web Services Toolkit’ for some time to write spreadsheets that connect to external web services via VBA. (ie you install the Web Services Toolkit which adds a ‘Web Service References…’ item to the ‘Tools’ menu. You then set up a reference to an Web Service URL and the Toolkit… Read More »