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Read Room database entity from a service android

Questions: I’m trying to read a value from room database of android in a ListenerService class. repository.responseCode(“status”); repository.responseCode(“status”).observe( MainActivity.class,flagValue -> { if(flagValue!=null){ } } ); But it says wrong first type argument at “MainActivity.class” at above code. Can I read any room db value from a service? Answers:

REST service project structure

Questions: I was working on a project with a colleague and he told me that I should create 3 levels when creating a rest service. Can anyone explain me if this is the ‘normal’ and if I use it in the correct way? He never explained me why and left the firm a few weeks… Read More »

Export Google Service Calendar to iCal

Questions: I am taking over a project that has the Google Services Calendar integrated. I now need to export this calendar to something Outlook or any other calendar application can sync with. I have set up the IAM keys in the google developer console and I can send requests. but how do I see the… Read More »

Listening to onKeyDown in CanvasWatchFaceService

Questions: Is there a way to get have onKeyDown method in WatchFaceService same way onTapCommand is used? If not, any ideas for workarounds? Basically what I need is to be able to catch multi-function buttons press events. I’m able to do this in Activity, but wondering if it’s possible without launching it. Answers:

How to run geolocation service in background when app is closed?

Questions: I’m building an Android app using Cordova based on HTML5,CSS,javaScript.It is a Location Reminder app,reminds people about their task when they arrived at that particular preset location.There is a start button,after clicking, it collect the current coordinates of the user and try to match with the previously given place’s coordinate.It works fine when the… Read More »

keep playing andorid media player when app killed and restart service

Questions: My program is a music player and my Android Media Player runs on the service. The problem here is that when killed my app, the service is restarted and my player starts to work from the beginning. public class AudioPlayerService extends Service implementsMediaPlayer.OnPreparedListener { private String url = “https://www.dev2qa.com/demo/media/test.mp3”; private MediaPlayer mediaPlayer = null;… Read More »

Which way is better to GET data from remote service

Questions: I know there are lots of ways to GET the data from remotes. I have tried these different types: using curl within a Runtime.getRuntime().exec(…) or new ProcessBuilder(…).start(); using library as URL or RestTemplate; Are there some significant differences among them that we should think over before using one of them? Update #0 Why I… Read More »