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Amazon MarketplaceWebServiceOrders requests suddenly failing, PHP curl giving SSL CA cert error?

Questions: Starting at 4am Sunday, we suddenly started seeing errors from curl, from the Marketplace Web Service Orders PHP5 Library MarketplaceWebServiceOrders/Client.php script: Caught Exception: Internal Error Response Status Code: 0 Error Code: Error Type: Request ID: XML: ResponseHeaderMetadata: RequestId: , ResponseContext: , Timestamp: The actual curl error number is 77, with the message being: Problem… Read More »

Call Python web service using PHP

Questions: Python Web Service Code: import web from soaplib.wsgi_soap import SimpleWSGISoapApp from soaplib.service import soapmethod from soaplib.serializers import primitive as soap_types urls = (“/hello”, “HelloService”, “/hello.wsdl”, “HelloService”, ) render = web.template.Template(“$def with (var)\n$:var”) class SoapService(SimpleWSGISoapApp): “””Class for webservice “”” @soapmethod(soap_types.String,_returns=soap_types.String) def hello(self,message): “”” Method for webservice””” return “Hello world “+message class HelloService(SoapService): “””Class for web.py… Read More »

How do you access a users session from a service in Symfony2?

Questions: Does anyone know how to access the session variable in a service? I have a service setup that I pass the container over to. I can access things like the Doctrine service by using: // Get the doctrine service $doctrine_service = $this->container->get(‘doctrine’); // Get the entity manager $em = $doctrine_service->getEntityManager(); However, I’m not sure… Read More »

Sending SMS with Amazon AWS services PHP

Questions: I’m having trouble digging through the documentation for Amazon’s AWS PHP-sdk. Basically, I just need to send a standard text message to a number. I know it is possible because amazon allows you to send messages through the console directly via this screen: It says something about using the “publish” method, but looking through… Read More »

zf2 Creation of simple service and access it through viewhelper

Questions: I am trying to create a simple service in zf2 which I can access using in viewhelper Step1. I have craeted a class in src/Application/Service/Service1.php as follow namespace Application\Service; use Zend\ServiceManager\ServiceLocatorAwareInterface; use Zend\ServiceManager\ServiceLocatorInterface; class Service1 implements ServiceLocatorAwareInterface { public function __construct() { } public function setServiceLocator(ServiceLocatorInterface $serviceLocator) { } public function getServiceLocator() { }… Read More »

How to implement service layer in Zend Framework? [closed]

Questions: I’m looking for some good resources to learn how to implement internal service layer in Zend Framework. This is interesting post Bookie Link, but with no concrete code samples. Where to put service classes (/application/modules/modulename/services/?); How to autoload them (custom autoloader?) Most common services (user, authentication, cart, cache, feed?) Sample implementations (any github repos?)… Read More »