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SQL Server Session State, web farm, and IIS configuration

Questions: So I set up SQL Server Session State using SQL Server 2008 and the temp database and today I decided to look into the data in the tables only to find this in the ASPStateTempApplications table: AppId AppName 538231025 /lm/w3svc/1/root 611758131 /lm/w3svc/3/root 802488340 /lm/w3svc/4/root -940085065 /lm/w3svc/4/root/webapp 685293685 /lm/w3svc/5/root 1210055478 /lm/w3svc/5/root/webapp We have 2 load… Read More »

Where are all those SQL Server sessions from?

Questions: After launching SSMS (2008 R2) on my dev machine, which I launch with “D:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\100\Tools\Binn\VSShell\Common7\IDE\Ssms.exe” -nosplash -S localhost -d testdata without doing anything, in Activity Monitor I observe some sessions (TestData is my default database) Details of session 51: select @@spid; select SERVERPROPERTY(‘ProductLevel’); Details of session 52: DBCC INPUTBUFFER(52) Details of session… Read More »

Passing session data between ASP.NET web applications

Questions: I’m trying to help a friend – they have a pretty big web application (ASP.NET 4.0, Visual Basic) that has a number of subfolders that all act as quasi sub-applications (but they’re just subfolders of the main application). This application will be split up into multiple independent web application because in its current form… Read More »

Setting deadlock_priority does not make LOW priority session the victim

Questions: One of our jobs was deadlocking with user routines, so we put the following code in the job step, just before the procedure is called: DECLARE @deadlock_var NCHAR(3); SET @deadlock_var = N’LOW’; SET DEADLOCK_PRIORITY @deadlock_var; *–Call procedure exec Client_myDeliveries_I_S* However, the procedure is still in the stack that is processed. Does the deadlock priority… Read More »