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Excel Vba – Using an apostrophe in an sql string

Questions: I’m using excel to input data into an Access database and some of my data strings contain an apostrophe for measurements. This is my SQL input string stSQL = “INSERT INTO Products (ProductName, ProductDescription, ProductUnit, SupplierID) ” & _ “Values (‘” & cboxItemNum & “‘, ‘” & txtDescription & “‘, ‘” & txtUnit &… Read More »

Run a SQL Server procedure from Excel

Questions: I’m using SQL Server 2008 Enterprise. I created a procedure in one database. The procedure is composed of several queries to different databases and the final combined result set is being displayed. I try to execute it via Excel, so the results will appear automatically in Excel sheet, but I’m getting the error: The… Read More »

Using Excel to generate SQL – problem handling date field

Questions: I have an excel file filled with data my customer wants placed into a database. I’ve generated a column along the left of the data that looks like this (obviously changed the field names for here): =”INSERT INTO TBL_CUSTOMER (FIELD, FIELD, FIELD, FIELD, FIELD, FIELD, FIELD, FIELD, FIELD, FIELD, FIELD, FIELD, FIELD, FIELD, FIELD,… Read More »

How to connect ms excel-2007 with mysql.

Questions: How to connect excel-2007 with mysql. I am on windows 7, 64 bit. Using excel-2007 32 bit and mysql version 5.1 , 32 bit. Can Anyone help me how to import my mysql table data in excel file. Thanks in advance. Answers: I am adding to @Anil Chahal answer: After configuration as described by… Read More »

Convert SQL result set to CSV file

Questions: I’m working in C# and need making use of Entity Framework 6. I have a service that calls a stored procedure (using the Dbcontext) and places the results in an IList. I then have a controller that makes use of this service. Now originally I was using the results combined with Epplus to save… Read More »

Excel 2007 forms to SQL Server

Questions: I’ve been searching everywhere for an answer with no success to the problem I’ll describe. I have an Excel sheet which gets manually updated frequently. I’ve been asked to push every row change into an Sql Server, in a live way. I need users to be able to save a row to the server… Read More »