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Cannot find php_sqlsrv extension – 5.3, threadsafe

Questions: I’ve followed the answer to this question to the letter: Connection between MSSQL and PHP 5.3.5 on IIS is not working I’m using XAMPP with threadsafe 5.3. I’ve copied the files to the extension directory (while leaving them in the /php folder) and I’ve added the extension lines: extension=php_sqlsrv_53_ts.dll extension=php_pdo_sqlsrv_53_ts.dll When I do this,… Read More »

How to operate on PostgreSQL interval datatype using jdbc/spring-jdbc not using PGInterval?

Questions: Java date & time datatypes are as everybody knows, there’s no need to focus on that. However, when I’m using JDBC or Spring-based extensions, such as SimpleJdbcTemplate to retrieve and store interval values, what Java type should I use, if I don’t want to use org.postgresql.util.PGInterval class? This class is internal of PostgreSQL driver… Read More »

HTML5 database storage (SQL lite) – few questions

Questions: Hy there, I can’t find enough beginner resources on the web about HTML5 database storage usage examples (CRUD) I’m opening(creating) my DB like this: var db; $(document).ready(function() { try { if (!window.openDatabase) { alert(‘Not Supported -> Please try with a WebKit Browser’); } else { var shortName = ‘mydatab’; var version = ‘1.0’; var… Read More »

SQL Server view or table-valued function? [duplicate]

Questions: This question already has an answer here: reuse sql with view or function 4 answers Answers: Although any view can almost trivially be converted to an inline table-valued function, the converse is not true. If the construct needs to be parametrized, then use an inline table-valued function. Inline table-value functions are basically parametrized views… Read More »