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SSH Connect Using Parallel Threading C#

Questions: What is the error Please? the task never completed using Renci.SshNet; in Program.cs static List<string> tasks = new List<string>(); static List<Server> servers = new List<Server>(); and in the Main var serverFile = File.ReadAllLines(“E:/servers.txt”); foreach (var line in serverFile) { var arrayOfInfo = line.Split(‘|’); servers.Add(new Server() { IP = arrayOfInfo[0], Username = arrayOfInfo[1], Password =… Read More »

SAML Response not reaching to SuccessHandler

Questions: I am using Spring SAML extension for enabling SAML support with OKTA IdP, have used automatic metadataGenerator filter for SP metadata of my application, I have also configured the Okta App’s Single Sign On URL as per the generated metadata’s AssertionConsumerService location. Once I deploy my application and hit any URL in browser, it… Read More »

How to set PHP version for SSH session?

Questions: I have setup my account to use PHP v7.0 through Plesk. I then used phpinfo() to verify that I am using 7.0. However, when I login via SSH (command line/shell) and type “php -v”, it shows I’m using PHP v5.4. I need to run some PHP through command line, but I need these commands… Read More »

SSH – Java JDBC connection – Hibernate connection

Questions: I have an oracle could db which installed in windows server. To access db, Create SSH tunnel to host machine. On success SSH tunnel, establish local port forward to server machine to access db. For SSH tunnel with local port forward, we using JSch (http://www.jcraft.com/jsch/). After that we using connection url as jdbc:oracle:thin:@//localhost:${LOCAL_PORT_FORWARD}/service_name to… Read More »