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Accessing a nested structure in C++ from VBA

Questions: Problem I have a library written in C++ and compiled as a DLL using Visual Studio 2010. The DLL has multiple exported functions. The exported functions are accessed from Excel using Declare Function. I am trying to implement a new feature in the program which requires nested structures in the C++ portion which are… Read More »

How to unprotect xlsx document structure in excel 2013

Questions: I have a problem with my macro which is failed on attempt to UnfreezePanes. The document has structure protection: View > Protect Workbook > Structure and windows protection (for 2013 version) In excel versions before 2013 I do not have problems with the macro: Sub Unfreeze() ActiveWorkbook.Unprotect ActiveWindow.FreezePanes = False End Sub But in… Read More »

What's wrong with my Shared Add-in Constructor?

Questions: Good morning, fellows developers: I’m currently trying to fix several performance issues of an Excel Shared Add-in inherited from a previous developer, basically I’m trying to find how the add-in stuff works internally in Excel, meaning I had searched the net for information an my understanding is: In the registry the LoadBehaviour should be… Read More »

How to read c++ structure binary file in excel vba

Questions: I have a c++ generated structure file that contains the corresponding struct in binary form: struct userinfo { char username[200]; char Password[200]; char Genkey[200]; long UniqueKey; }; How can I read this file in Excel VBA code? Answers: This should get you somewhere: Option Explicit Type userinfo username As String * 200 Password As… Read More »

Structured references in charts disappear, why?

Questions: I click on a chart, click on “select data” and then click on “edit data series”. This popup appears: I want to change this cell reference to a proper table reference. So I write a table reference into the data series: Now I click on enter and don’t get any error message. I am… Read More »

join two identical table structures with different data

Questions: Edit: After attempting the COALESCE method, I’m now seeing an issue where the data is repeating itself with the same data for each wattage category. Column 2 is wattage. I’ve created two temp tables, both with the exact same table structure. In these tables, there are multiple columns that could have the same values,… Read More »

Table Valued Constructor Maximum rows limit in Select

Questions: I have a Table Valued Constructor through which am Selecting around 1 million records. It will be used to update another table. SELECT * FROM (VALUES (100,200,300), (100,200,300), (100,200,300), (100,200,300), ….. ….. –1 million records (100,200,300)) tc (proj_d, period_sid, val) Here is my original query : https://www.dropbox.com/s/ezomt80hsh36gws/TVC.txt?dl=0# When I do the above select it… Read More »