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Take “setFrom” name as in Gmail configuration using Swift Mailer

Questions: I’m using Swiftmailer to send emails in Symfony project. $msg = (new \Swift_Message(“Subject”)) ->setFrom(‘xxx123@gmail.com’) ->setTo(‘yyy@gmail.com’) ->setBody($mailContent); In the received email, the name of Sender looks like xxx123. But the name for this email id in its configuration is XXX YYY. I can use, ->setFrom(‘xxx123@gmail.com’ => ‘XXX YYY’) but, I don’t want to set name… Read More »

Swiftype curl using php

Questions: I am trying create a document type using API in PHP language so i have create below code but its appear error and i cant understand how to resolve this . sorry i am newbie. Here is the my code $ch = curl_init(); curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_SSL_VERIFYPEER, false); curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_URL, “https://api.swiftype.com/api/v1/engines/khp1/document_types.json”); $data = array( ‘auth_token’ =>… Read More »

Segmentation fault (core dumped) Laravel SwiftMailer

Questions: I’m having problem when using SwiftMailer Laravel 5.2. I have a controller for sending email and I set it to run every minute. When I execute my script below with php artisan schedule:run, its keeps return an error message ‘Segmentation fault (core dumped)’. My script: public static function sendMailCoc() { $mail_log = MailLog::where(‘status’, ‘!=’,… Read More »

php String to Numbers in Swift 4

Questions: i found this PHP function to encode and decode a string to numbers. https://stackoverflow.com/a/8087840/10081776 works like a charm. and i can use it only in php. but i need this function in swift4 too but i can’t figured out how to do this. I try the following code but i don’t know how to… Read More »

Regex .Net Between Text Exp1 and Exp2 in-specific Swift Message

Questions: I have a tag value which looks some thing like this. 1401280128CY4999999,NMSC/INV/1499992//P9999999999IN00 1/zzzzzz zzzzz zzzzzzzzzz zzz. zz and the expression i have is not working. I know that there are / char which are causing the problem. i am using http://regexstorm.net/tester and my expression is ^(?<ValueDay>\d{6})(?<EntryDay>\d{4})?(?<DrCrMark>(C|D|RC|RD|EC|ED))(?<FundCode>[A-Za-z])?(?<Amount>\d+(?:[\.,]?(\d+)?))(?<TranType>(S|N|F))(?<TranIdentCode>[A-Za-z]{3})(?<CustRef>[\w]+[^/|\n]+)(?=//)?(?://)?(?<BankRef>.+)?(\n)?(?<SuplDtls>(.|\n+)*) how do i get the between value i.e.,… Read More »

NodeJS on IOS(swift)/Android(java)

Questions: I don’t have any experience with server-side. I use nodejs to develop programs and want to execute on android and ios,and i find 1.NodeJS on IOS/Android 2.Node.js for Mobile Apps. Plugins for Cordova and React Native are also available. Now i want use Node.js for Mobile Apps about Swift and java. It’s possible to… Read More »

“The organizer has not requested a response for this meeting ” (send ics with SwiftMailer)

Questions: I have a PHP function which sends the meeting request using SwiftMailer library, the mail is sent but once it is received I don’t have the capacity to reply to the Organizer with Accept/Tentative/Decline. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks, $ics_content = “BEGIN:VCALENDAR\n”; $ics_content .= “PRODID:”.PRODID.”\n”; $ics_content .= “VERSION:”.VERSION.”\n”; $ics_content .=” CALSCALE:”.CALSCALE.”\n”; $ics_content .=… Read More »

POST with swift and API

Questions: I’ve a problem when I try to send a POST request to my API on my server, I’ve followed many many different tutorials but it still doesn’t work. I know than my problem is with the POST request but I can’t solve it ! So this is my code in Swift and my API… Read More »

Swiftmailer: Connection could not be established with host smtp.gmail.com [Connection timed out #110]

Questions: I’m posting because I’ve already gone through the solutions posted in other questions on here but they haven’t helped. What I am trying to do is send email using Swiftmailer through Google Apps for Business Gmail but I keep getting this error: Connection could not be established with host smtp.gmail.com [Connection timed out #110]… Read More »