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Cannot navigate to child routes using router.navigate method or routerlink :: Error : Cannot match any routes. URL Segment: 'child2'

Questions: Here is my routes constant const routes: Routes = [ { path: ”, component: LoginComponent }, { path: ‘dashboard’, component: DashboardComponent, children: [ { path: ‘**’, redirectTo: ‘child1’ }, { path: ‘child1’, component: Child1Component }, { path: ‘child2’, component: Child2Component } ] } ]; Answers:

Setting baseUrl for Axios in Vue js sends out request

Questions: In my app i use Axios to handle my API-requests. In main.js i have set the baseUrl. Without me making a request it makes a request on its own just by setting the baseUrl, so always when the app is loaded in the browser. In my main.js axios.defaults.baseURL = ‘https://domain.nl/path/to/my/api All works fine but… Read More »

xmlhttprequest.open() should not reload page or direct to requested URL

Questions: I am developing a website and trying to make it as interactive as possible, so the least page reloads or redirections possible. I need to submit a form through the POSTmethod: <form method = “post” id = “form”> #<Text Inputs> <input type = “submit” class = “form-control” onclick = “post_to_url(‘/url/’, $(‘#form’).serialize()); “> </form> And… Read More »

Chrome issue – Open mobile SMS app by clicking URL

Questions: I need to open the sms application of mobile with prefilled body and recipient by clicking on a URL. so I wrote this code and it is working fine in firefox. But it is not working in chrome. <html> <head> <script type=”text/javascript”> function f(){ window.location=”sms://+12345?body=1234″;} </script> </head> <body onload=”f();”> </body> </html> Any idea to… Read More »

How to embed SVG in html <object> tag from Cross Origin url say (s3_url/image.svg)

Questions: I went through all the possible resources I could find on the internet, MDN, W3C etc. but nowhere could I find any documentation regarding cors. I’m trying to embed an SVG in HTML . It works fine in same origin URL <object id=”obj1″ data=”same_origin_url/image.svg”></object> On using cross_origin_url, it is not able to embed the… Read More »

How to access the event in react function with parameters in curly braces?

Questions: I have got a function “handleGridRowsUpdated”, I want to access the event in this function. I’ve tried passing the event to this function in various ways and also Googled it but didn’t get any success. Below is the code snippet: class App extends React.Component { constructor(props) { super(props); this.handleGridRowsUpdated = this.handleGridRowsUpdated.bind(this); } handleGridRowsUpdated({ fromRow,… Read More »

How to display the image repeatedly from the url in android volley?

Questions: I want to make a recent post with pictures, from json data below: { “movie”: { “totalResults”: { “data”: “16” }, “start”: { “data”: “1” }, “perPage”: { “data”: “2” }, “post”: [ { “title”: { “type”: “text”, “data”: “Title 1” }, “mediaThumbnail”: { “url”: “https://1.bp.blogspot.com/image1.jpg”, “height”: “72”, “width”: “72” }, “summary”: { “type”:… Read More »

php curl gives 404 but on XMLHttpRequest works

Questions: i have a data acquisition module that gives me some xml data on a http request. the request needs to have user an password. If i try to get the data via javascript on a browser it works. here is the working code: var url = “”; var x = httpGet(url); function httpGet(theUrl, callback){… Read More »

How can I get website URL using C# App? [on hold]

Questions: Programmers, I’ve made a website the updates the URL every 5 seconds with a new URL using ASP.NET I want to get that URL every 5 seconds using C# Applications, I’ve tried WebBrowser Control but it didn’t work. Answers: