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How to pass parameter to URL based Data Source – Birt 4.3.2

Questions: I’m looking for advice how to pass parameter to URL based Data Source of type ‘excel’ – available in Birt 4.3.2 I found an acrticle about “Parameter Driven XML Data Source URL” http://developer.actuate.com/community/devshare/_/designing-birt-reports/533-parameter-driven-xml-data-source-url but still cannot figure out how to pass my 2 parameters bellow to the Data Source URL? My Data Source URL… Read More »

Excel convert URL to images (1004)

Questions: I have an excel document linked to an SQL database which contains several columns of image URLs. One of those URLs looks like this: https://imissit.blob.core.windows.net/iris/596480cf967e0c990c37fba3725ada0c/814040e2-0ccb-4b05-bdb3-d9dc9cc798d9/texture.png I found different approaches and methods on how to convert those URLs to images ( e.g. Excel VBA Insert Images From Image Name in Column and https://superuser.com/questions/940861/how-can-i-display-a-url-as-an-image-in-an-excel-cell) within the… Read More »

VBA: Opening a text file from URL to read

Questions: I have a text file on my website that contains only the string “1.15” (for the version of the application I am writing). Upon initialization of the user form, I would like to read that file from its URL and have the string “1.15” returned so that I can check it against the application’s… Read More »

Full Text Search of URL field sql server

Questions: Objective: Return all URLs beginning with “https://mywebsite.domain.com/as/product/4/” Given: Applied full text search on URL field. SQL Server edition: 2014. 20+ Million rows URL https://mywebsite.domain.com/as/product/1/production https://mywebsite.domain.com/as/product/2/items https://mywebsite.domain.com/as/product/1/affordability https://mywebsite.domain.com/as/product/3/summary https://mywebsite.domain.com/as/product/4/schedule https://mywebsite.domain.com/as/product/4/resources/summary Query 1: WHERE CONTAINS (URL, ‘https://mywebsite.domain.com/as/product/4’) Result: All records returned Query 2 (Added “*” after reading MSDN article) WHERE CONTAINS (URL, ‘”https://mywebsite.domain.com/as/product/4*”‘) Result: No records… Read More »

TSQL – How to URL Encode

Questions: Looking for a bug free tested sql script that i could use in a UDF to encode a url through sql. Function would take in a URL and pass out a URL Encoded URL. I have seen a few, but all i have come across seem to have some flaws. Answers: How about this… Read More »