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Threadsafe access to variables

Questions: I’m trying to make an application ported to Java threadsafe and as such am looking to minimise the amount of static variables required. I will show an example of an issue I want clarity on. I have a class Eparams as follows: public class Eparams { private double a; public double getA() { return… Read More »

Save files into mysql database with the variables' values from address

Questions: I am new to the web design, I am currently trying to save pictures or other files together with some other values from web address into mysql database. Let’s say the web address is ‘http://localhost/framework/file-upload.php?FinancialYear=2018&AssessmentRef=Soft_Launch&Site=NDC&QuestNo=1.2.2‘ The code works fine to save the files however the other values (FinancialYear, AssessmentRef, Site and QuestionNo) GET from… Read More »