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VB.NET – Interface with <Type> like Java?

Questions: I’m starting developing in VB.NET and I’m exercising rewrting some java programs I already wrote in Java, though I’m struggling with interface. In Java I used to define interface specifying a generic type using like public interface PQ<Item> so I can use a generic type called Item inside my interface but I don’t how… Read More »

Need Help Translate C# to VB.NET, circularprogressbar [on hold]

Questions: private void timer1_Tick (object sender, EventArgs e) { float fcpu = performancecounter1.NextValue(); float dram = performancecounter2.nextvalue(); circularprogressbar1.value(int)fcpu; circularprogressbar1.text=string.format(“{0:0.00}%”, fcpu); circularprogressbar2.value(int)dram; circularprogressbar2.text=string.format(“{0:0.00}%”, dram); } need help sir/ma’am how to convert it really hard to convert for circular.progressbar1.value(int)fcpu Answers:

Identifying Android in VB.NET using Remote Desktop App

Questions: I have a VB.NET WinForms application that some people remote into a server machine to use. The application retrieves certain settings based on the remote machine/device name. I use the API WTSQuerySessionInformationA to retrieve that remote machine name. The goal of this is to keep information/settings based on a unique “machine name”. This API… Read More »