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VB.NET and Excel table formatting

Questions: I wrote a small program in VB.NET to export data from DataGrid to Excel and it works perfectly. My manager now wants me to display the data in a presentable format. How should I go about it. I recorded a macro but was unable to apply that in vb.net. Is there any good tutorial… Read More »

vb.net crystal report excel colors

Questions: I’m working with an existing VB.Net application that runs CRXI reports at scheduled times. It works just fine, and the reports are exported to Excel, CSV, or PDF, depending on what the schedule says the report output formatting should be. This is the relevant section of code that sets the export options: ‘ Set… Read More »

Reading excel files in vb.net leaves excel process hanging

Questions: The following code works fine but seems to leave instances of excel.exe running in the background. How do I go about closing out this sub properly? Private Sub ReadExcel(ByVal childform As Fone_Builder_Delux.frmData, ByVal FileName As String) ‘ In progress childform.sampleloaded = False Dim xlApp As Excel.Application Dim xlWorkBook As Excel.Workbook Dim xlWorkSheet As Excel.Worksheet… Read More »