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Using VBA to navigate Website, click on folder

Questions: I am using VBA to retrieve data from a website and input it into excel. I can reach the website, get rid of a webpage message but then I’m stuck! There seems to be a folder to click on which I think is called folder10 going by inspect element and the link in that… Read More »

Fixed Navbar & Body Scrolling broken on IOS

Questions: On mobile, when clicking the button to open the navbar we have written javascript to lock the body and allow the navbar to scroll (see code below), this works perfectly on android. However, when testing this on iPhones it is completely broken. Sometimes it completely stops scrolling on the navbar, sometimes doesn’t open the… Read More »

Progress bar acting as border bottom on a Navbar

Questions: I’ve been trying to make a progress bar which moves when the the page is scrolled. I’m currently stuck in regards to the placement of my bar. I’m wanting it in the same position border-bottom would be in. I had a thought navbar::after may be a solution but this also didn’t work. Live code… Read More »

VBA to work with Excel Add-ins

Questions: I want to click on Custom Addin on Excel 2010(Add-ins Tab) and perform refresh of data. I have tried using Record Macro option on Developer Tab but it never records clicking Excel Addin. How to achieve my requirement or let me know is it even possible to achieve it through VBA? I am open… Read More »