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Handling large excel files in UIWebView

Questions: I have an iPad app that downloads excel files using an NSURLConnection and then renders the downloaded file in a UIWebView. The implementation works fine for smaller sized files but increasingly begins to struggle as I approach excel files of about 5 MB. I’m testing this on a 3rd generation iPad, which has 1… Read More »

Android – Preventing WebView reload on Rotate

Questions: When I rotate my screen, the WebView reloads the whole page. I can’t have this since some of my content contains dynamic/random material. Currently when rotated the screen reloads the original URL from the loadUrl() method. Any idea what’s wrong with my code? MainActivity.java package com.mark.myapp; import android.app.Activity; import android.os.Bundle; import android.util.Log; import android.view.KeyEvent;… Read More »

Fill fields in webview automatically

Questions: I have seen this question floating around the internet, but I haven’t found a working solution yet. Basically, I want to load my app and press a button; the button action will then fill in a username and password in a website already loaded in the webview (or wait for onPageFinished). Finally, the submit… Read More »

chrome app 'webview' alternative in HTML5

Questions: After getting the news that Google will drop the support for chrome packed app More information here I’m planning to convert my packed app with navtive HTML5. The application uses webviews to host different websites, And im looking for alternative to the webviews with HTML5 Is there any solid alternative to webviews in HTML?… Read More »

Video plays only once in Webview of Android

Questions: I am succeeded to play streamed Youtube video from HTML5 content in Webview in Android but now problem is that video plays only first time. After that VideoView only goes to end of the video file. I tried clearing cache as suggested here but no luck. What could be the possible solution for this… Read More »

HTML5 navigator.online does not work in WebView

Questions: I am creating a hybrid application by using android and offline html5 pages in android asset. navigator.online is not working in Android Webview. Please help Answers: If anyone is still searching for this one. The solution for me was to register a broadcast receiver in my activity to detect connection change. @Override protected void… Read More »