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How prevent errors on windows when i use Qt Android Extras C++ Classes

Questions: I used the solution of below question for open file on Android. Qt/Necessitas – reasonable QFileDialog replacement/skin? But it works just on android,this codes (Qt Android Extras C++ Classes) don’t run on windows? for example i got the below errors? #include<QAndroidJniObject> #include<QtAndroid> #include<QAndroidActivityResultReceiver> Cannot open include file: ‘QAndroidJniObject’: No such file or directory I… Read More »

Install elasticsearch on windows

Questions: This might be duplicate of lot of questions… I am trying to install elasticsearch on windows with php. I followed below steps to install Download zip and extract to c:\elasticsearch-6.3.2 Run .\bin\elasticsearch.bat through command line Run .\bin\elasticsearch.bat -Ecluster.name=my_cluster -Enode.name=node_1 through command line But when I try to access this url or http://localhost:9200 through… Read More »

java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: org.apache.hadoop.io.nativeio.NativeIO$Windows.createFileWithMode0(Ljava/lang/String;JJJI)Ljava/io/FileDescriptor

Questions: I have a Spark project that used to work lately . the project gets a CSV , and add two fields to it then it outputs with saveasTextfile() the content of a JavaPairRdd. my Spark version is : 2.3.0 my java version : 1.8 the project runs in an Eclipse IDE under windows 10.… Read More »

Java: waitfor() grandchild process in windows

Questions: Is there any way to wait for not only the process I spawned but also for its children if there’s any? Example: my java process A spawns process B (process B not coded by me) and B just launches process C and closes. Can I make my process A wait also for C? Thanks.… Read More »

XAMPP and Interbase: Call to undefined function base_connect() on Windows 10

Questions: While coding a web aplication using php 7 on xampp using Interbase as database I keep getting the fallowing error message: Call to undefined function xxx\ibase_connect() When trying to check if the interbase extension is loaded with extension_loaded(“interbase”); it returns false. I already edited php.ini to enable php to work with Interbase changing this… Read More »

Springboot application File got created at C:\Windows\System32

Questions: I am coding a spring boot Web MVC application in Eclipse. I need to upload an image file to the static image folder. Here is my code: @RequestMapping(value=”/upload/avatar”, method = RequestMethod.POST, produces = MediaType.APPLICATION_JSON_VALUE) public ResponseEntity<Void> uploadAvatar(@RequestParam(“file”) MultipartFile uploadfile) { if(!uploadfile.isEmpty()) { try { Long fileLength = uploadfile.getSize(); String contentType = uploadfile.getContentType(); String originalFileName… Read More »

Setting file Permissions in Java for windows by using AclEntryPermission

Questions: I am using this approach Setting file Permissions in Java for windows to achieve the same. I want the file to be readable by owner and the other members in the group. public static void main(String[] args) throws IOException { Path file = Paths.get(“c:/touch.txt”); AclFileAttributeView aclAttr = Files.getFileAttributeView(file, AclFileAttributeView.class); System.out.println(aclAttr.getOwner()); for(AclEntry aclEntry : aclAttr.getAcl()){… Read More »

Genuine command is not recognized in Windows via PHP's exec

Questions: Problem:- I am trying to backup MySQL database using PHP and mysqldump in windows. The following script gives a dump as desired with flying colours when I use wamp server. <?php $dbhost = ‘localhost’; $dbuser = ‘root’; $dbpass = ”; $dbname = ‘avita’; $path = “c:/program files/mysql/mysql server 5.5/bin/”; $backup_file = “d:/avita/”.$dbname . date(“Y-m-d-H-i-s”)… Read More »