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PHP mkdir(), chmod() and Windows

Questions: I am using the PHP function mkdir($path, 0777) to create a new directory on an Apache server (running on Windows). When I create this and view the folders, Windows has set the dir as read only. Is there a way of changing this without using exec() to cacls.exe? The PHP documentation states that chmod()… Read More »

PHP symlink() fails on Windows 7

Questions: PHP symlink() function fails on Windows 7 with the error: Warning: symlink(): Cannot create symlink, error code(3) in C:\xampp\htdocs\…\lib\model\doctrine\Website.class.php It’s a XAMPP server on with PHP 5.3.8. From the symlink() documentation: 5.3.0 This function is now available on Windows platforms (Vista, Server 2008 or greater). Any ideas/suggestions? Answers:

How can i install gearman php extension on Windows OS?

Questions: Please anybody help me out in installing gearman php extension on windows xp. I have xampp 1.7.7 installed on my system and i have installed Cygwin, libevent-1.4.14b-stable and gearmand on my system. Please let me know what more is needed to install gearman-1.0.2 php extension. As when i run the gearman-1.0.2 on cygwin terminal… Read More »

Zend Server Windows – Authorization header is not passed to PHP script

Questions: I have a PHP application which needs to perform HTTP Basic authentication independently of the containing Apache server. On linux machines, with php installed via apt-get php, I find that the Authorization header does not appear in $_SERVER, but is available via apache_request_headers() or getallheaders(). On a Windows development machine, with Zend Server 6.1.0… Read More »

PHP: setlocale in Windows 7

Questions: I have problem with setlocale function in PHP 5.3 in Windows 7. I need to set Russian locale with UTF-8 encoding. I saw some solutions where this is Russian_Russia.65001, but the function with this type of locale returns FALSE. All solutions was designed for using in Windows XP where list of locales was in… Read More »

Matching UTF Characters with preg_match in PHP: (*UTF8) Works on Windows but not Linux

Questions: I have a simple regular expression to check a username: preg_match(‘/(*UTF8)^[[:alnum:]]([[:alnum:]]|[ _.-])+$/i’, $username); In local testing (Windows 7 using WAMP), this will allow for usernames using UTF characters (such as é or ñ). However, when I move to test this on the server where the site will actually be hosted, I get the following… Read More »