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how can I install pspell in php5/windows

Questions: I have installed pspell according to http://pritomkumar.blogspot.com/2013/04/enabling-pspell-for-php-in-xampp-on.html but when trying to restart xampp apache shows me the error: PHP Startup: Invalid library (maybe not a PHP library) ‘php_pspell.dll’ Answers:

How to add nginx modules on windows platforme?

Questions: I’m trying to test Streaming media files in my local Nginx configuration. I need to add two nginx modules : flv and mp4 –with-http_flv_module for Flash Video (FLV) files –with-http_mp4_module for H.264/AAC files however, I’m using Kevin Worthington install : http://kevinworthington.com/nginx-for-windows/, so I’m not eable to add thoses modules in order to check if… Read More »

Error : The service System.Windows.Forms.Design.IEventHandlerService already exists in the service container

Questions: I’m developping a Windows app based on the Windows Form template. I’m using .NET 3.5 version. In this app, the goal is that all the visual settings of the different forms can be managed from the App.Config file (the background color, the background color of the different buttons etc…). So basically, I have a… Read More »

WindowsIdentity.Impersonate in ASP.NET randomly “Invalid token for impersonation – it cannot be duplicated”

Questions: I have an ASP.NET app that requires users to sign in with their domain accounts using Basic Authentication. The user can make a selection, then press a button. At some point after pressing the button is this code: WindowsIdentity.Impersonate(userIdentity.Token). userIdentity is of type WindowsIdentity, and it was previously set to (WindowsIdentity)User.Identity. userIdentity is stored… Read More »

JNA Keyboard Hook in Windows

Questions: I have put together a JNA code for installing keyboard hook in Windows (using the JNA examples). The code compiles and everything, and I get the hook installed (I get handle to the hook successfully), also I can uninstall the hook successfully. However, the callback never get called when I press any key on… Read More »

How to open BAT (windows batch) file in Eclipse?

Questions: How to open BAT (windows batch) file in Eclipse? When I am doing Open File… the file runs, not opens. How to open it in editor? Dragging file on Eclipse also runs it. Answers: try with this plugin: http://sourceforge.net/apps/trac/shelled/ And also I think you chould go to preferences->general -> editors->file associoations and add bat… Read More »

How to handle windows file upload using Selenium WebDriver?

Questions: I have seen lots of questions and solutions on File upload using Selenium WebDriver on Stackoverflow. But none of the working for following scenario. Someone has given solution as following // assuming driver is a healthy WebDriver instance WebElement fileInput = driver.findElement(By.name(“uploadfile”)); fileInput.sendKeys(“C:/path/to/file.jpg”); But still I can’t find window handle how can I work… Read More »