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Xcode changes storyboard xml automatically

Questions: I recently upgraded the Xcode to 6.3.2. After editing the storyboard, i noticed some strange changes through git: All the cocoaTouchSystemColor=”colour”/> nodes have been changed to red=”value” green=”value” blue=”value” alpha=”value” colorSpace=”calibratedRGB”/> in the xml file of the storyboard (I have not made those changes for sure). for example: cocoaTouchSystemColor=”darkTextColor”/> || || \/ red=”0.0″ green=”0.0″… Read More »

Git ignore file for Xcode 4 projects

Questions: Which files are better to ignore in git for an Xcode 4(.3.2)? This older question addresses the same issue but I find my structure to be different so I assume it’s about an older version of Xcode. Answers: Here are git ignore files for basicly every language including Xcode : Github – git ignore… Read More »

Xcode adding a image

Questions: hi there I’m having trouble adding a image on Xcode 4.2 when i insert a UIimageview into the ViewController and drag the image from my desktop it won’t add is there any other possible ways to add a image Answers: You can’t add image from desktop to imageView, you only can add image (dragging)… Read More »

XCode linker error : library not found for -lAdMobDevice

Questions: I am trying to build lite version of my iPhone application using AdMob. I followed the guidelines here http://www.iphonedevsdk.com/forum/iphone-sdk-development/11358-creating-lite-version-app.html and created two different targets. In the lite version I added a macro called LITEVERSION which I am checking using #ifdef and doing the appropriate things. But when I build the lite version of the… Read More »

xcode 6 object library is empty (no matches)

Questions: I am trying to follow instruction to create “Hello World” but I don’t seem to have anything in my object library? It just says “No Matches” in the dialog. what am i missing here? Thank you. Answers: I discovered a solution. It was happening when I was editing a Storyboard in an Assistant Editor.… Read More »

XCode 4 Adding Run Script Build Phase Grayed Out

Questions: I am trying to select “Add Run Script Build Phase” under “Editor” > “Add Build Phase” in XCode 4, but the option is grayed out. Does anyone know why this would be happening? Thanks! Answers: This is now different…again…in XCode 6. There’s a “+” button in the top left corner of the Build Phases… Read More »