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.gitignore file, where should I put it in my xcode project?

Questions: I want git to ignore my UserInterfaceState.xcuserstate file in my XCode4 project, but where should I put the .gitignore file?, is it inside the .git folder? or out? The .git is in same folder with the ProjectName.xcodeproj file Answers: You can have a .gitignore in every single directory of your project. However, the best… Read More »

Using Git with an existing XCode project

Questions: I am trying to figure out how to use git in my project workflow, and I have an existing XCode project that I want to put into the repository. I think I have the repository set up correctly under organizer, but the Source Control menu is grayed out. Apparently, it’s easy to do if… Read More »

xcodebuild – how to define preprocessor macro?

Questions: How can I define a preprocessor macro when using xcodebuild? I need to build my app using a bunch of different configurations, and I would like to do this using a shell script which runs xcodebuild a number of times with different preprocessor macros. Answers: Cmd + I on the project to open the… Read More »

Can git be integrated with Xcode?

Questions: Is there any way to use a git repository with the built in SCM functions of Xcode? Answers: Xcode 4 supports git natively (Developer Tools State of the Union Address at WWDC 2010) Learn more here: What’s new in Xcode 4 The documentation from Apple is lengthy, but a good read. Questions: Answers: NOTE:… Read More »

increase launch image time on xcode

Questions: for iOS devices, after set a custom launch time image, when tested on simulator it remains about 4s but when tested on iphone it is hide after less than 1s! Assumed that depends on processor but how to modify that visualization time?? Thanks. Answers: Better option would be to put a sleep of 5… Read More »

Xcode Tabbed Application – Adding New Tab view

Questions: I’m working with Xcode 4.2. I started to work with Tabbed Application and now I want to add 3rd and 4th Tabbed to story board on my application. How Can I add it? I try to use it but I cannot. 🙁 I didn’t get good tutorials for it. Does anyone have any idea… Read More »