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Using OpenXML SDK to Grab all Cell Values as a String

Questions: I’m wanting to read an Excel 2007+ document using the OpenXML SDK v2.0 in an SAX-like manner. I am using this blog post as a rough guide: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/brian_jones/archive/2010/05/27/parsing-and-reading-large-excel-files-with-the-open-xml-sdk.aspx However, in my document I have a mix of strings and numeric values. Therefore, the string values are being stored as a SharedString, so when the… Read More »

Insert Image on Excel using Open XML

Questions: I am using this toolkit to write Excel.Every thing is fine with this, but i am not getting how can i inset image and put style on some rows on my excel i am using c# Answers: I am using EPPlus for this specific task. It’s a really nice and stable library. EPPLus –… Read More »

How can I change Excels default XML output encoding?

Questions: I’m working on a solution where Excel data is exported to XML. I’ve implemented a schema and I get all the data exported properly. The one problem I have is that the solution that will receive the XML files expects ISO-8859-1 encoding, while Excel by default outputs UTF-8. Is there any way to change… Read More »

How to include the schema with the xml

Questions: When I create a XML file using the XmlSerializer and attempt to open it in excel I get the following message: The specified XML source does not refer to a schema. Excel will create a schema based on the XML source data. Is there any way to include the schema in the xml file… Read More »

Generate EXCEL from XML using XSLT

Questions: I have the below XML in place. Want to generate a EXCEL out of it by using XSLT. But I’m new to this and have no idea on how to generate a XLS from XML and how do use it for XSLT. XML — <?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″ standalone=”yes”?> <mig:menu-compare xmlns:mig=”http://www.com/migration/” xmlns:xsi=”http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance” xsi:schemaLocation=”http://www..com/migration”> <mig:menu-info> <mig:menu… Read More »

XML with inline schema supported in Excel?

Questions: I need to generate a simple XML file (a list of users) with an XSD so this XML can be imported in Excel (2010+). The fields presented by this XML are dynamic, it’s up to the user which fields he wants/needs. The list can be long and I have about 40 fields the user… Read More »

Merge cells in Excel using “Openxml writer”

Questions: I want to merge cells is excel. By using DOM approach I can do it easily. But as my excel file is too large, when I tries to get worksheet it throws Out of memory exception. So I have to use SAX approach to read excel file. But I dont know how to merge… Read More »

OpenXML SDK: How to identify data type of cell?

Questions: I am working on OPenXML SDK to work with excel. Currently, I am facing with one issue, how to identify data type of cell, datetime or numeric. Because, in case cell’s type is date, we need to convert double value to datetime again. Answers: Based on information I have found from the OpenXML SDK… Read More »