What do you use for profiling in eclipse, now that TPTP is going to be archived?

By | January 12, 2018

Have you found a good alternative to TPTP, which is being archived, to profile Java applications in Eclipse?

I understand this is not exactly a programming question, so please just drop me a message if this is not appropriate for stackoverflow.

EDIT: there’s also a relevant question, from 2008 here but I was looking for something a little more updated


VisualVm, that comes with the JDK itself is good for some CPU and memory profiling, though, it doesn’t integrate well with eclipse.

YourKit is a great profiling tool that integrates quite well with eclipse but its not free. You will need to buy a license for it.

Eclipse Memory Analyzer (MAT) is another great tool that helps a lot in analyzing java heap dumps. It is perfect for pointing out any un-intentional memory leaks in a java application.


Its not part of the eclipse ecosystem, but I’ve used JConsole. The current versions seem to work well. I’ve thought about some of the commercial tools, but for me JConsole did everything I needed it to do once I read through its manual.


I have used JProfiler for many years (more than 8 years) and this a great tool too, and the footprint is very small.


For me TPTP was on big project completely useless (it didn’t work and crash)

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