Windows: XAMPP vs WampServer vs EasyPHP vs alternative [closed]

By | March 30, 2018

There was a similar question asked here three years ago, but I want to open it up further to include all possible Windows/Apache/MySQL/PHP stacks.

Which to do you think is best?

XAMPP seems to be the most popular, but I’ve read several bad things about it that make me wonder if it’s as good as its popularity suggests. For example, I’ve heard that their default PHP configuration is very insecure (and apparently their admin app can’t function without these holes being left open). This isn’t terrible for a development situation, obviously, but you may end up relying on something like register_globals.

I also spotted something else which makes me concerned: The developers recommend that Vista users disable UAC in order to use their software!

For me that’s a big red flag. Yes, there are problems with getting something like this running on Vista with UAC enabled, but disabling UAC should never be offered as a solution, especially for newbs (who need UAC more than anyone). It makes me very concerned.

WampServer apparently is easier to switch versions of PHP or Apache, if you need to. But it comes with less features than XAMPP (no FTP server, for example).

EasyPHP is one that I have no experience of, so I can’t say, but it’s apparently pretty popular, too.

Alternatives? There a ton of other stacks listed on Wikipedia. Do any of these come recommended?

So which do you use, and why do you consider it the best? Did you just stick with the first one you tried?

I imagine most of us just want something quick, light, and up-to-date.


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